Savinelli – St. Nicholas

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Anyone who has a relationship with a pipe smoker knows the perfect holiday gift for that person…

A new pipe!

I asked for a new pipe for Christmas, I’ll admit that.  When my family asked me what kind of pipe I wanted, I simply said that I wanted the one that they thought was most unique.  When choosing a pipe, I always choose the one that just stands out to, that looks special, different from all the other ones.

When I saw the rustic finish, the solid black and the beautiful detail between the two, I couldn’t help but get excited!

This pipe stands out from its contemporaries.

About Savinelli

Savinelli is without a doubt a premier pipe producer; one of the best in the world.

They began manufacturing pipes in 1920, after spending the previous 44 years producing and selling tobacco.  Now Savinelli operates one of the largest pipe manufacturing facilities in the world employing over 50 people and producing close to 1,000 pipes a day.

A general characteristic of a Savinelli pipe is the ability to use either a 6mm or 9mm balsa wood filter.  The balsa filter is a light filter that absorbs an incredible amount of tar and moisture compared to any other filter.

With this filter style, all Savinelli pipes are convertable; meaning they come with an attachment that fits the stem more seamlessly into the bowl if the smoker prefers not to use a filter.

St. Nicholas Overview

Savinelli, as of late, regularly promotes a seasonal pipe for the holidays under the umbrella title of “Savinelli Christmas” edition.

The St. Nicholas of 2014 comes in a beautiful rustic finish, that is darker and more red than other Savinelli lines.  There is a gorgeous, rich red and green band connecting the stem and bowl.  Attached is a black, smooth vulcanite stem that is sure to be gentle on the teeth.

The St. Nicholas retails in the U.S. for $125 for all models, but can be purchased at a discount price from retailers such as


The St. Nicholas comes in six different models:


The 106 Billiard straight stem.

The 207 Apple straight stem.

The 315 Prince slight bent stem.

The 606 Billiard bent stem.

The 626 Apple bent stem.

And the 703 Billiard short stem.


I highly recommend this pipe.

This pipe can be classified as a collector pipe because of the temporary availability.

There is no pipe smoker who would not appreciate a gift of this caliber, although, I would wager that a large number of dedicated pipers will be lining up to by this themselves, for they simply cannot wait.

Be sure to get yours at before the season ends!

Images provided by and Savinelli.



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