McClelland – Frog Morton Across the Pond

McClelland_Craftsbury_Frog_Morton_Across_the_Pond_Pipe_Tobacco_back__29144.1425502574.1280.1280“Remarkably cool-smoking, delightfully fragrant. Frog Morton journeyed far across the pond to find the exotic components for this rich, smooth pipe tobacco blend enhanced with rare Syrian Latakia. He says it was worth the trip.” McClelland Tobacco

Frog Morton, having taken its name from the port city Frogmorton from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth, lives up to the expectations set by the illustrious and high quality tobacco produced by McClelland Tobacco.

Across the Pond is a delicious English that represents the woodsy setting of the Shire in Middle Earth in the bowl of the smoker here on earth.  As humans we pursue experiences that transport us away from the mundane stress of everyday life and allow us to embark on a momentary journey that brings distinguished relief and joy to the heart.  This is what Across the pond seeks to deliver.

With its pleasing taste that fills the palate, Across the Pond is a tobacco that can be smoked and enjoyed by all.  Even though it is an English, smokers will find that they have no difficulty handling the intricate taste and aroma of this blend.

First Impression

I always say this about the Frog Morton tobaccos: the artwork on the tin is amazing.  I personally love the pastel water color look of the entire Craftsbury series by McClelland.  It is an absolute treat to have sitting on your tobacco shelf.

The tin note of this blend is significantly less vinegary than the traditional Frog Morton.  Others have noticed that there is also a ketchup note prevalent that accompanies so many of McClelland’s tin tobacco.

Across the Pond is made up mostly of Syrian Latakia, Orientals, and deep Virginia tobaccos.  The Syrian Latakia is going to crank up the level of spice flavor in the blend (and is responsible, I would say, for the ketchup tin note) while decreasing the smokey flavor and intensity of the blend.

As does most McClelland tobacco, Across the Pond comes in a 50g and 100g tin.  The tobacco comes in a ribbon cut and a very preferable moisture level.

All in all, Across the Pond seems to be an excellent tobacco before the light!

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.28.57 AMSmoke

First and foremost, this is a very aromatic English blend.  Some would even call it an Aromatic blend that tastes English.  The reason for this paradox is the fruity black cavendish casing applied on top of the blend before tinning.

The smoking sensation of this blend is quite remarkable.

While there is so much Sy. Latakia and Oriental tobacco, the smoke is super cool.  There seems to be not heat on my tongue, and no bite either.  The Syrian Latakia drastically brings down the smokey flavor to the blend and increases the tingly spice flavor minutely.  The presence of the dark Virginias and the BC casing add a cherished sweetness that livens and creams up the blend.  The whole time the Orientals are constantly at work adding smoke body and bold undertones that allows Across the Pond to remain an English blend.

Overall, this blend is a very good smoke.  It burns evenly.  It has a large smoke volume.  It smokes incredibly smooth.  It can be smoked by anyone, no matter what they typically enjoy.

To be frank, I personally believe this is one of the best smoking readily available tobaccos on the market.

Room Note

The room note of this English is very pleasant.  There is a deep caramel and subtle fruit hint that adds to the aura of the bowl.

While this may not smell as good as a straight aromatic blend, Across the Pond should not be unbearable to any bystander.  In fact, a good majority would like instead of dislike the aroma.  A few will always abhor the scent of smoke, but even they cannot deny that this is a tame English.


Usually I recommend a food or a drink to pair with the tobacco.

However, Frog Morton being the standard English that it is, many of you know what to eat and drink with it anyway.

What I suggest is smoking whilst reading a classic epic.  I enjoyed mine over the last few days while rereading the Odyssey.  I feel as though putting yourself in the shoes of a classic Hero will ignite your inner smoker and make the event quite enjoyable.

McClelland Pipe TobaccoStrength

There are many smokers out there who love Aromatics and seek to begin smoking English blends.  It seems that they just cannot the right English to start; they are all either too strong, smell to harsh, give too much nicotine, or some other reason.  With Across the Pond, the intensity and taste level is so tame, it allows any person to smoke it with ease.  That is why I recommend it as a place for smokers to begin who want to transition to English blends.

Across the Pond is a mild/medium blend.

Overall Score

This is one of my favorite blends.

While I believe it is possible to find some higher quality tobacco, and rare blends, I just cannot find many comparable blends to Across the Pond.  It is sold everywhere, it has great flavor, it can be smoked all day, and it can be used by anyone.

I give Across the Pond a 9 out of 10.

I believe McClelland succeeds in their attempt to bring fantasy to life with the Craftsbury series, namely with Across the Pond.  I believe that my day was made better when I chose Across the Pond over one of my other current open tins.  And finally, I believe that everyone should smoke a tin of Across the Pond.    If you light up a bowl, you will enjoy it.

To purchase Frog Morton Across the Pond at the best price, visit Tobacco Pipes.


Pictures provided by McClelland Tobacco and Tobacco Pipes.


2 thoughts on “McClelland – Frog Morton Across the Pond

  1. What an intriguing review! I don’t think I’ve ever had any of the Frog Morton blends … momentary pause for the shock to wear off inserted here … buy this is certyakinh me want to try at least this blend! I’m not an aromatic smoker, nor a fan of heavy English blends, Va/Vaper and burley blends being my favorites. But this sounds like one I would enjoy and need to add to the never ending list. Thanks for the great review!

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