McClelland – Deep Hollow

25_std_1426181904“Far into the woods, away from the urban cacophony, is where the light, fragrant blend of rich Red Stoved Virginias is designed to transport the smoker. Relax and enjoy the moment.”McClelland Tobacco.

Deep Hollow is a focal blend in the McClelland Craftsbury collection.  The Craftsbury series is an excursion that takes the smoker from reality to the world of fantasy inspired by author J.R.R. Tolkien.  With each blend in the collection serving as a setting in Middle Earth, it is impossible not to be transported to the fantastic universe created by Tolkien when smoking a bowl.

Deephallow is a small city residing in the far Southeastern corner of the Shire.  It borders the Brandywine river, which separates the peaceful Shire from the unknown forrest leading into the remainder of Middle Earth.

Just as Deephallow is the last comfort city between Hobbits and the unknown, Deep Hollow is a comforting aromatic tobacco that prepares the smoker for the days tasks.

First Impression

First and foremost, I love the artwork on this tin.  The watercolor painted pastels are very pleasant to the eyes, and this tin looks great on my tobacco shelf.

Deep Hollow comes in a ready rubbed 50g or 100g container.

The tin note of this blend is like taking a whiff of fresh stewed caramel sauce in the woods.  There is an incredible sweet sugary scent profile that is lightly covered by the aroma of the forrest.

As far as I can tell, this blend consists completely of Virginia tobacco.  Seems to be split between regular and red Virginia tobacco.  I noticed as well that this Virginia was more moist than typical McClelland blends.  Generally, I am not a fan of tobacco’s that are even slightly more moist than usually, but Deep Hollow didn’t smoke as if it was moist, so I didn’t mind.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 2.59.53 PMSmoke

Deep Hollow is an enigma.  It is a Virginia based moist aromatic tobacco, with strong hints of caramel.  Yet when smoking, it seems to act as much like an English blend as an aromatic.  While I was surprised at this, I was not at all upset.  Here is the best way I know how to describe it:

Have you ever been to the movies with your wife (or husband) to see a movie that they really want to see but you are not that excited about?  On most occasions it is exactly what you expected it to be.  But sometimes, you fall in love with the movie, even though it isn’t the genre you typically enjoy.  This is how Deep Hollow Smokes.

When lighting a flavor erupted that I was not expecting: apple.  I knew it was taste woodsy and sweet because of the tin note, but there was a moderate apple taste to the blend that really elevates the tobacco.  About halfway through the bowl, the woodsy taste picks up momentum and starts to taste a little leathery.

As I said above, there is moisture in the blend.  However, this blend does not burn hot or give tongue bite, which was a very pleasant surprise to me.

Room Note

The room note is about 80% aromatically sweet and 20% outdoorsy subtly.

While it is not going to make guests swoon over the smell, like some aromatics, the note will have no one in the vicinity upset.

So do not worry.  Even though I said this smoked a lot like an English blend, the aroma will be very pleasurable indeed.


I generally suggest a food or drink pairing with a tobacco blend.  But this time, because of this specially blended tobacco.

In this case, as with the rest of the Craftsbury collection, is to smoke while reading your favorite epic adventure.  If the intent of this blend was to transport us to another universe and make us feel as though we are characters in an epic, then it is only appropriate to read whilst smoking.

McClelland Pipe TobaccoStrength

Even though this smoke is both an aromatic and an English, the flavor an nicotine content of this blend is quite tame.

Deep Hollow is a Mild blend.

This blend should not over power any smoker.  It should actually be quite easy and filling for any smoker to enjoy.

Overall Score

The strongest aspect of this blend is without a doubt the connection it makes to fantasy.  The tobacco is solid, but not extraordinary.

I give Deep Hollow a 5 out of 10.

It is hard not to rate the tobacco on the wonderful inspiration, for if so it would be much higher.  But lo and behold, I cannot.  It seems to be standing in the middle of a cluttered vin diagram.  It has no clear identity.  It crosses too many borders to be specific and delicious.

While this may be true, Deep Hollow is still an enjoyable blend to smoke and should not be ignored.  Pick up a blend, dive into an epic, and enjoy the adventure McClelland takes you on!

To purchase Deep Hollow, visit Tobacco Pipes.

Tobacco provided by Tobacco Pipes for the purpose of an un-bias review.

Pictures provided by McClelland, and Tobacco Pipes.



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