Benjamin Hartwell – Evening Stroll

There are many parts to the definition of a pipe smoker.  Pipe smokers are classy, defined, independent, and much more.

But I believe one aspect of a pipe smoker is that they smell great.

Every pipe smoker, even English smokers, needs that one blend that makes everyone swarm around them wanting to take part in the glorious aroma.

“Benjamin Hartwell’s friend, Jim Murdoch, was a real dandy, always dressed in the most fashionable styles of his day. He preferred his pipe tobaccos mild and with a hint of sweetness to please the women as he walked by. Ben made his blend for Jim and called it Evening Stroll.” – Tobacco Reviews.

Evening Stroll by Benjamin Hartwell is the epitome of an aromatic smoke. One bowl of this blend, and I guarantee that almost everyone who is around you will forever love the smell of an aromatic pipe tobacco.

pb-bhbFirst Impression

After that description, you are probably not going to be surprised about the tin note.

The tin note of this blend is gorgeous! A strong but elegant aroma of vanilla baked goods that are stored in a room of the worlds finest white rum hits you as soon as you pop the seal. This is an aroma that everyone will enjoy.

Aside from that, Evening Stroll is a very moist. This is due in part to the very heavy casing put on the tobacco. I would suggest to smokers who are not fond of moist tobacco to let it dry out for a little while.

This tobacco is a ribbon cut, which makes it very easy to pack and light.

As far as I can tell, this made solely of Virginia tobacco. I would not be surprised if Burley is also present. But I am positive that there are no heavier blends then this. The presence of Virginia foreshadows the mellow taste and the wonderful aroma that is to come in the smoke.


When lighting, you will notice the tobacco sizzling thanks to the heavy casing. Even though this happens, the tobacco is quite easy to light.

When smoking a light aromatic, pipe smokers generally have two fears:

  1. It will be all aroma and no taste.
  2. There will be a lot of “spittle” build up in the shank.

Unfortunately, Evening Stroll actualizes both of these fears.

There just seems to be no flavor when smoking. I was hoping that I would pick up some hints of rum and maybe even the vanilla, but there just wasn’t any hints of it as far as I could tell.

On top of the absence of flavor, there was a lot of spittle in my stem; the heavy casing being responsible. I found that unless I smoked it with a cob or a filter, I was sure to have some runback.

Room Note

This is why Evening Stroll was first blended.

The room note can be described in no other way than just perfect!

It smells like a bakery.

I wish that every aromatic I smoked could smell like this one, because it is excellent.

When Sutliff blended this tobacco for Benjamin Hartwell, they obviously knew exactly what they wanted their smokers to get out of this blend, and they delivered.

I enjoyed smoking this blend in my car while driving. The next time I got into the drivers seat, I was just swarmed with the glorious aroma of a bakery.


Because this blend has no real taste, it was difficult for me to decide what this blend should be paired with.

I had it with some American lagers, red wine, fast food (because I still like to eat as I did in my college days), pasta, and many other things.

There was just nothing that stood out. There was no food or drink that elevated Evening Stroll or that brought it down.


This blend was definitely mild.

With no flavor, there seemed to be no intensity to this blend.

However, there was a substantial amount of bite after a couple bowls. I attribute this to the casing and the Virginia, which is known to cause bite. So if you establish your strength score on bite, this may be more of a medium for you.

Overall Score

When rating tobacco, it is crucial that you try your best and give an non-bias review. While it is impossible for anyone to ever be completely un-bias, you should still try.

So let me say this: This blend is not impressive. It has no flavor, was to juicy, and can give bite. But, that is not what Evening Stroll was blended for. It was made to smell good and to smell good only. And it delivers.

So when rating this I have to keep in mind all of the above, including what it was made to be.

I rate this tobacco a 5 out of 10.

If aroma is left out of it, I would give it a 3. If I were to rate based only on aroma, it would an 9.

Use this tobacco as a tool. Smoke it for the pleasure of those around you. If used in this way, then Evening Stroll will not fail you.

Tobacco provided by Sutliff Tobacco Company for the purpose of an un-bias review.

Photos provided by Cigars International, and Pipes and Cigars.


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