Sutliff – Kentucky Planter


I was born and raised in the beautiful Commonwealth state.  I am in every way a Kentucky boy, and love all things from Ky (specially basketball, but that is another conversation entirely).

When i saw that Sutliff Tobacco had a burley blend (a Ky original tobacco blend) called Kentucky Planter, there was no way I was going to pass that tobacco up.

The Kentucky Planter is most definitely a complex and delicious aromatic blend, it is in no way a blend that resembles english tobacco.  Because of that, many “proper” and “distinguished” pipe smokers believe that Kentucky Planter is not a blend that is worth smoking.  However, I propose that it is foolish for any pipe smoker to not acknowledge and respect a fantastic tobacco blend, no matter the preferences of the smoker themselves.

The Kentucky Planter is an excellent blend that all should respect and enjoy, just as I have attempted to do.

First Impression

I would wager that for most, the smell of Ky Planter before the smoke, is one of the best aromatic scents a smoker could experience.  There is just a mass of fruity notes mixed with a tremendous nut that is unmistakeable. With all of this sweetness though, the aroma peacefully and lightly filled me with pleasure.

This blend is made up almost entirely of White Burley, which makes this blend just so sweet and mild. I believe there is also a little spruce of cavendish, but I may very well be wrong.

I really love the broken flake and the moisture level on this blend. It packs incredibly well and is very easy for the smoker to work with.kentucky_blend__32228.1405393035.1280.1280


What I really enjoy about this blend is that it is an absolute pleasure to light! I usually have to use the “kill” method, and relight from scratch, just to get a perfect light; but for the Planter, one match out of a matchbook and that was it.  No relight even at the bottom of the bowl.

If I had to give this blend a firm criticism, I would say that there is a lack flavor.

I knew from the smell of the tin that this was going to be a mellow and light smoke.  Even so, I just wanted more. All the nut and the bits of fruit tasted fabulous, there just was not enough.

I also noticed that this blend burned incredibly quickly, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The burn lasted about 60% as long as a “normal” blend.  I smoked it a few times in the car driving to a fro places that were only 10 minutes from my house.  I appreciated the fact that I didn’t have to dump my unfinished bowl upon arrival, because it was already gone.

Room Note

You can probable guess what the room note is like…excellent!

I smoked this in a restaurant (one of the few that still allow smoking), and I got multiple compliments from smokers and non-smokers alike.  It seemed to fill the room with a raw opened scent of a walnut.  I am sure that this may change from smoker to smoker, but for me the room note was perfect for those around me.


My pairing advice may sound obscure and random, but I guarantee that these two meld beautifully together.

For me, the most perfect pair was a Snapple Mango Madness drink.  The light and refreshing drink seemed to complete the journey of flavor that I wish I had gotten from the smoke.

If you do not have a Snapple on hand (that sounds hilarious to say), then I suggest any fresh and cold fruity drink.


This is not at all a strong blend.

The Kentucky Planter is most definitely a mild blend.

While the flavor is amazing, and you will enjoy tasting every bit, there is simply not a lot of meat on the bones of this blend.  This makes it a perfect early morning or social lunch blend.


Overall Score

So what shall I say about this blend?

It was delicious, yet shy. It did not have a long burn, but packed and lit very well. I can smoke this around anyone, but may not have a satisfied palate.

I would rate this blend a solid 6 out of 10.

I think this should be smoked as a warm-up to another stronger blend, whether that be aromatic or English.

Having said all this, I believe the Kentucky Planter achieves everything the blender wanted it to achieve.  This blend was not made to knock your socks off, or to be a cheap and syrup soaked gas station blend, but rather to be a smooth beginning to your pipe-smoking day.  Taking that into consideration, this is an excellent blend that accomplished everything a smooth aromatic should.sutliff-tobacco-company-log

Tobacco provided by Sutliff Tobacco Company for the purpose of a non-bias review.

Photos provided by Sutliff Tobacco Company , Pipes and Cigars , and Viper Vape.



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