Sutliff (Altadis) – 701 Creme Brulee

To be honest with you, as the man I am, I can be easily overtaken by the smell of a great desert that my wife is baking, or by the aroma of walking into a local bakery where there are hundreds of cupcakes, cannoli’s, cookies, and so on.  The only way I could ever give justice to the Creme Brulee made by Altadis would be to take you to my favorite baker and just allow to to bask in the joy of fresh baked sweets.  Well, as this is a blog and not a scratch-n-sniff, I will attempt to describe my experience with this aromatic.


The first thing you will notice about this blend it that it is incredibly wet.  I mean this is the moistest tobacco I have had the privilege of smoking!  You will see that this is a very coarse cut of tobacco; which I prefer as it is the easiest to pack.  
The blend seems to be about 60% black cavendish, then equal parts virginia and burley.  As soon as you have packed your bowl, you will be able to smell the sweet vanilla on your fingertips because of the outrageous, yet delicious, amount of oil in this blend.  If you are a true adorer of aromatic blends, this will be the moment in which you get excited about the next 15 minutes of your life.


Now although most people are not a fan of the sizzling and crackling of wet tobacco, I happen to enjoy the sound (I understand that makes me an oddball).  I like the feeling of knowing that my tobacco is alive and doing work in my pipe.  WARNING: this tobacco does have a tendency to flame up during the light.  The first draw delivers a very clear taste of vanilla that has hints of caramel racing through every crevice of taste.  Of course this taste diminishes after the first few draws, but will linger through the whole smoke.  Because of this blend, I have a new respect for vanilla flavored blends and look for blends that are comparable to this.  I have personally found this blend to be very compliant in staying lit throughout my smoke, which makes it very pleasant and keeps the heat off the tongue.


Wow does this blend have a fantastic smell!  I have personally smoked this in the car with the windows up, just so I can get back in later and smell the sweetness.  For any person who has a partner that does not enjoy the smell of their pipe smoke, give this a whirl.  I guarantee that a majority of them will start to change their mind after experiencing the delicacy of creme brulee.


I believe the best pairing to be made with this smoke is a creamy desert.  I personally prefer Devil’s Food Cake that has caramel sauce laced throughout.  If that is a foreign option to you than I strongly suggest plain vanilla pudding.  You will find that the smoking sensation is cooled by the cream and dairy of the pudding and the vanilla flavor definitely complements what this blend is all about.


I have read some other reviews of this blend and there is a significant amount of people who rate this blend as medium.  I personally believe that creme brulee is a solid mild.  I can see it being ranked medium if a person was basing the intensity based on the amount of flavor received, whether that flavor is sweet, spicy, smooth ,etc..  But honestly, this a mild blend and very easy to smoke.


I give this a 7 out of 10.  The reason is simple: this is a very solid aromatic.  I do not think that die-hard english smokers would at all enjoy this blend, it is simply too sweet and too moist.  If you are a fan of aromatic tobacco, then the Altadis 701 Creme Brulee is for you.sutliff-tobacco-company-log

Photo’s provides by Sutliff Tobacco.


6 thoughts on “Sutliff (Altadis) – 701 Creme Brulee

  1. Dear Chris, Do you ever pair any of your blends with a good ale or a good scotch ? I have found that these two beverages really enhance my pipe smoking experiences? I also like teas or strong coffee 🙂

    Ellis Spear


    • I love pairing my blends with a good ale! Unfortunately I am not very familiar with scotch, but I do love bourbon. I love Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, and Buffalo Trace all incredibly well. I believe they all pair magnificently with any pipe blend. I would say I most often drink coffee with my pipe. I think the bitter coffee taste complements smoke very well, and yet can help cleanse your palate at the end of the drink and make the next draw much more tasteful. I also drink just about any kind of ale 😀 !


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